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Lighten Up With Laughter

Do you have stress in your life?  Current research has found that laughter can help balance distress and actually boost your immune system! We will explore the physical & psychological benefits of humor. This course is going to explore ways to laugh and look at your sense of humor to survive some of life’s most stressful events. The participants of this course will learn strategies for responding, adapting, and managing a variety of creative techniques. We will be looking at ways to turn negative situations into new opportunities!  “Laughter is contagious, Let’s start an epidemic”

Exploring Social & Emotional Intelligence

We are social & emotional humans! Have you ever caught the emotions of others? Change is our only constant.  We are now living at a time in history when technology is more accelerated than ever known before on the planet. Individuals come in many different personality types and we may be losing the keys of communicating with others. In this interactive session, participants discuss how to build working relationships by applying principles of social intelligence.  Transform negative attitudes into positive applications

Discover The Art of Happiness

Did you know that one third of all Americans wake up depressed everyday? Yet, we have the right to the Pursuit of Happiness!  During this presentation, we will explore traits of happy people. How can you improve your own sense of well-being? We will provide specific techniques to promote positive attitudes and create more happiness in your life.  “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery & Today is a GIFT! That is why we call it the PRESENT!”  Happiness is a gift you can freely share with others!

Choices, Challenges & Changes LG

Change is the ONLY constant, yet many are resistant to new experiences. There are many types of changes, such as, a new home, job, pet, relationship or lifestyle, the list is endless!  The key is to not be paralyzed by change, but to move through it by using healthy ways of coping.  This course wil  focus on creative ideas to cope with stress in positive ways. Be prepared to learn about the power of thoughts & attitudes. You may discover a paradigm shift by tapping into your sensory awareness.  Give yourself permission to embrace the challenges of changes & choose to enjoy the life journey.

Team Strategies For Success & Survival

If you are an administrator, professional trainer, family member or community leader, this workshop will help you think “Out of the Box” in ways to creatively motivate your team! Learn the difference between a group & a TEAM. Explore coaching styles & characteristics of successful teams! The focus on this workshop is to fuse individual talents with the goals of the team.

Dr. David Weiland on Health Care, Ethics & More

Updates on Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias

Great News, men & women are living longer! However, dementia related disease is also increasing rapidly. Alzheimer’s disease is projected to affect 14 million Americans by the year 2050. Worldwide dementias could reach 36 million. This course will provide identifying causes of cognitive decline. Participants with learn about the Age-related changes in the brain. Practical tools will be provided on tips for early diagnosis as well as those challenges. We will explore the difference between depression & dementia. The benefits and risks of the  pharmaceutical options will be discussed. We will evaluate various techniques to promote healthy lifestyles & quality of life as all stages dementia.

Exploring Ethical Conundrums in Health Care…

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians states, “Do no harm” However, with the increasing technology & pharmaceutical options… medical decisions become more complex. The course will identify a variety of ethical dilemmas encountered in our health care settings. Participants will explore specific approaches to these complex situations. Specific case studies will be reviewed to encourage interactive discussions. We will review the appropriate of an ethics consult to assist with the interdisciplinary evaluation & management options. All healthcare providers can learn valuable insights making decisions in your personal or professional life.

Pain in the Age of Drug Diversion!

We have all experienced “Pain” which is  a multidimensional phenomenon. Pain is a common reason for individuals to seek health care.  Pain is a leading public health problem in the United States. Yet, the experience of pain is complex involving physical, emotional, and cognitive components. As the experience of pain is subjective, one must consider that the individual is seeking relief of distress and suffering. Healthcare providers often need more details regarding attitudes, and beliefs that can affect pain management.  The goal of this course to help participants to  learn both pharmaceutical & non pharmaceutical techniques to ease suffering and improve the quality of life for those living with pain.

Identifying the Biology of Laughter

The phrase, “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” actually has clinical research to prove many physiological benefits.  This course will explore both the physical and psychological changes from laughter. Participants will learn specific changes that occur in the brain, heart, lungs, digestive system as well how to boost the immune system. Discussions will review the positive and negative effects of humor with a variety of mental illnesses. Participants will learn how to use multiple creative techniques to help your clients use humor in healthy ways! Be prepared to have fun as you how to add more laughter in your personal life as well is in the clinical setting!

The Art & Heart of Compassionate Conversations

Breaking bad news is one of the most difficult responsibilities in the practice of medicine. Although virtually all physicians in clinical practice encounter situations entailing bad news. Many medical schools offer little formal training in how to discuss bad news with patients and their families. How can bad news be most compassionately and effectively delivered? The participants will learn verbal & nonverbal communication techniques to help with these conversations. Learn what questions to ask, the scheduling of the appointment and the importance of the tone of voice. Case examples on how to address the patient’s emotions can help build trusting relationships with a heart of compassion. You will learn techniques to provide bad news in a positive way. The art of communication is more than speaking words!

Joye Shares about Play & the Human Spirit

Humor and Dementia

In this session Joye will introduce humor strategies for people  living with dementia through playful engagement, stimulating laughter and delight. Joye worked as a volunteer coordinator with hospice for 17 years, she had the opportunity to learn from those she served, both patients and their families.  Learning by creatively assisting them to realize their goals during this part of their journey, Joye developed a unique way of looking at life and the absurdity of it.   She will share some of these powerful stories.

The Three Plagues of the Human Spirit

Joye will describe the three plagues of the human spirit and share tangible ways to overcome them during a clown visit through engagement and play.  The participant will learn ways to approach those who are dealing with possible challenges such as limited sight and/or hearing, dementia, grief, end of life, and behavior outbursts by doing some fun role playing exercises.  As well as examples to enhance quality of life with therapeutic humor interventions.


Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to restructure itself after training or practice.  Joye will show you that clowning is re-wiring your brain.  When we serve others through our playful delight and laughter, we serve ourselves by retaining a youthful spirit of life.

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